About Us

Rooted in southern tradition, we believe you take the time to do it right.
Andrew’s love of sausage and culinary career started after he was laid off from his job of 9 years back in 2008. He thought his world had come to an end. Even worse, his first child was born the next month and he had no way of taking care of him.


As a way to keep his mind busy between job hunting and diaper changing, started cooking and making sausage. Studying from the greats such as Brian Polcyn and Michael Ruhlman, who knew that tragedy would sow the seeds of what was to become.
As soon as he thought life was stabilizing, he donated blood and then received a letter that he was diagnosed with pre-diabetes.
Now with a love of making sausage, he was now impassioned to

provide himself and his people with food that was great tasting and good for you.


So he decided to make chicken sausage. And he made sausage…and he made sausage. He threw it away and made more sausage. Then after 3 years of trial and error, he felt proud enough to give it away to
friends and families who quickly began asking him to make more.
That’s when the idea of Lawton’s Chicken Sausage was born. However, it wasn’t until he met his friend and business partner Devore that the two decided to pursue their dreams of providing Lawton’s Chicken
Sausage to every home and military personnel in the U.S.


Our Products

Our Mission is to provide our customers with not just sausage, but REAL GOOD SAUSAGE…PERIOD!  Our sausage contains NO pork.  NO artificial flavors.  NO artificial nitrates.  Stuffed in Non-Pork casing.