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From Coop to Table!

Handmade Chicken Sausage
Juicy & Flavorful
No Artificial Nitrates or Preservatives

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The links cook up easily and goes great on a bun!
 - Wendolyn

Gluten-Free Products

No Artificial Nitrates!

No Artificial Preservatives!

No Pork Casing!

Gluten Free

That is how it is supposd to be!  Family first.  You can trust that pride was put into each bite that you're eating.  

About Us

Rooted in southern tradition, we believe you take the time to do it right.  We're two food enthusiasts, fellow college alumni and great friends


Their sausages have the perfect blend of seasonings.  They are easy to cook and add to many of my favorite recipes.

"Amazing chicken sausages! Bursting with flavor and perfectly cooked. A must-try for sausage lovers!"

Mark T.

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