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Are You a Pollotarian?


What the “F” did you call me? LOL… I get it! It’s not offensive though. Before there was a word for this, there existed a group of people who abstained from red meat. Guess what, they still do. So although the word is new, it’s a way of life that millions of people have enjoyed for many years (including myself about 90% of the time).

What type of meat do Pollotarians eat? As I stated earlier, these people do not eat any beef, pork or lamb. However, if the name hasn’t given it away by now; a pollotarian diet consists mainly of poultry. The poultry diet consists mainly of chicken, turkey, cornish hens and/or duck.

Where did the name come from? I'm not sure. I was doing an internet search and I just entered “If a person who doesn’t eat meat is called a vegetarian, what do you call a person who eats fish and chicken? I started seeing use of the word around 10 years ago.

Then as I started reading more, the word made sense.

So why have I chosen this lifestyle? Despite the “new”-ness of the world, I was introduced to this lifestyle back in my college days. You meet so many people from diverse backgrounds and you get introduced to a variation of cultures.

Some do it for religious pureposes. Some do it for health reasons. Others do it just becasue of their love of the environment. Some do it just because. I’ve discovered people’s reasons are as diverse as our country’s population. Unfortunately for me, it took a health scare for me to fully appreciate the lifestyle.

So is it a hard lifestyle? Just like with any new habit turn lifestyle, you have to pace yourself if you want to stick to it. I admint I’m not totally 100% Pollotarian now. I do enjoy fish and seafood as well.. However, I have realized that I can regulate my weight better and I’ve noticed my digestion has improved.

What type of foods do you eat? Like if you already eat chicken, then your diet really doesn’t have to change much. You still eat the foods you eat normally. I eat pretty much the same thing everyone eats. I eat chicken sandwiches. I still eat chicken alfredo. Your options are as endless as your imagination.

If I’m interested, how do I start? I would say first, is to not look at it as a diet. It’s not a diet plan or some lose weight quick scheme. It’s a simple lifestyle change. You take it at your own pace. You progress at your own level.

Diversify your diet. If you are looking to reduce your red meat intake, start by incorporating more chicken and fish into your current diet.

Try alternatives. Some people still like spaghetti and meatballs. If you are one of those people like me, try substituting ground turkey or ground chicken sausage (Lawton’s Chicken Sausage is awesome) and make the meatballs the same way you would using pork or beef.

So being a pollotarian is an actual person. It’s an actual word. And although the word is new, billions of people around the world have been living this lifestyle for years. You may have been living this lifestyle, but had no idea what to call it. So be happy, you now have a name. Now let’s spread the word!

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